Toddesha (toddesha) wrote,

Oh, my God, they're TURKEYS!

So I just came back from the Bay area again. It was an enjoyable trip. My favorite Kayley drove me to the airport in rush hour (the girl is a saint). Someone almost left her shoes at the security checkpoint. Somehow, this morongirl made it all the way to the gate and onto the plane unassisted, and successfully got to Oakland. Jeff picked me up from the airport. Skipping ahead, much Star Trek was watched, and we got our movie on hardcore (I suspect he, too, has a heterocrush on Johnny Depp. Find me a person on this earth without a crush on Johnny Depp.) I had the Sandwich of Life (turkey with mango chutney). We took pictures of synthesizers and mixers and voice modulators for hours one day (dorks, yes), and IMed each other from the same room (627-style). And I heard T.A.T.U.'s version of "How Soon Is Now" which is a hilarious thing (it's not supposed to be. Shamefully, I ended up liking it, kind of. While I'm thinking about it, if anyone has the Wedding Singer Soundtrack, I'd very much like you to burn me a copy. Pleeeeeeease). I almost missed my flight yesterday. I ran to the gate, Home Alone-style. I was seated behind an old woman with the flatulance of a 15 year old boy who won a chili dog eating contest, and a young man with the lungs to a 95-year-old 2 pack a day smoker. So I didn't sleep. Instead, I stayed up watching 80's videos on DirectTV. Seen a Depeche Mode video lately? Hi-larious. So anyway, I'm back on campus, soon to be abducted by my family and returned who knows when, though likely later today. And (this may be too much information) I'm also afflicted by the notoriously evil Traveler's Disease (you know which one I'm talking about; you've been on long car trips). So after my red-eye and my two, soon to be three classes, and my temporary abduction by my family, I will be headed to Taste of D.C. and will catch up on Angel (who could believe I would ever utter such words?)
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