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And you have stupid hair!

"I have a sweatshirt" said Chris Buerger, as Kayley and I carried our crap to the car. And so it began.

Kayley, Alanna, and I went to see Nicole for her birthday/Halloween this weekend at Penn State (motto: I drink, therefore I am). State College, PA was a coooool town, full of college students, which is amazing to me. If it weren't so dag-on cold in the winter and in the middle of cow country, it would be a very cool place to live. We went to a Halloween party (technically, *three* Halloween parties) as Uma Thurman, Buffy, and a vampire. I got a full body grope from a very drunk guy who introduced himself twice and kept telling me I was gorgeous.
(Some drunk guy: "I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a little drunk."
Uma/Alanna: "No way! Lindsey, could you tell he was drunk?" Hilarious!)
We played Scattergories a couple times and watched Seventh Heaven (why?). We did other things that I can't remember right now 'cause I'm multitasking. Kayley drove the whole way (*LOVE* her)

When Kayley and I returned and carried our crap back to the building, who should we run into but Chris Buerger
"I saw you leaving, and now I see you coming back" And then he pats my bag, gives us the thumbs up, and walks away.
I like odd coincidences
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