Toddesha (toddesha) wrote,

Look at the bones!

I dreamed I went to Niagra Falls to visit Alanna (who lived there in an apartment with 3 guys from New Jersey). When we left, we entered a spaceship, which we had to put together ourselves. Neato. The cook for the spaceship was autistic and came at me with a knife, but I was totally unafraid. I just turned around and left the kitchen...and walked into the cafeteria of DuVal High School, where sitting at a table was my friend, a two-headed man (one head was this guys James from work; the other head was Anders), who shared his (their?) cranberry sherbert with me. Some drunk girls came up to us, rambled incoherently, and passed out, and Michael Palin came in to drag them off. I'm late for class.
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