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Hockey sticks!

Your Superhero Identity For Today Is:

Name: Thunder Woman
Secret Identity: Lindsey McDaniel
Special Power: Invisibility
Transportation: Psionic Scooter
Weapon: Psychotronic Rifle
Costume: Vinyl Cowl
Sidekick: Ginger
Nemesis: Eric the Evil
Tragic Flaw: Fear of falling
Favorite Food: Ritz Crackers

So this week is sucking. Two exams, two papers, a banquet where I may be sitting between my mother and father (incidently, they can't stand each other), I gotta go home on Thursday night, and on Friday I'm allegedly seeing some people from high school (incidently, these things almost never pan out, and are sometimes cancelled mere hours before they are slated to take place. This will be problematic, since I'd have to take the train all the way to College Park, which I don't really want to do). It's MONDAY and I'm ready for this week to just end. I couldn't sleep last night. Why? Because I was worried about my future. Not the test I had this morning, but what I'm going to do when I graduate a year from now (or less, part of the reason I was worried). This kept me up at night a full year in advance. I am a crazy person. I give up. Welcome, psychotic break, I greet you with open arms, a break from reality sounds pretty good right about now, thanks.
Speaking of psychotic breaks, I think it's pretty morose of me to walk around campus, looking at my fellow students and wondering which of them is in the 2-3% of people 18-24 that will be schizophrenic, and which of those schizophrenics will attack me randomly with a large kitchen knife.
I've been watching the trashiest of trashy TV shows, "The 5th Wheel", for a paper. And I have to research it, and treat it seriously, when after watching about 3 hours of it over the past few days, I just want to vomit.
My dad is going to be pissed tomorrow because he didn't hear about the banquet from me, he had to hear it second hand from one of my siblings. And my mom is going to be annoyed that my father came to one of my school functions even though he's not involved, whatsoever. But actually, she doesn't come either. She only meets my friends if I bring them home or something.
There's a lot going on in this post. Mostly I am unable to deal with other people right now, they are making me crazy (although not as crazy as I am making myself. Don't need help in that department, thanks).
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