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I just want your extra time and your

We should all read the Washington Post
far more often.

Saddam Hussein, a dapper dictator in his salad days, was a metrosexual but emerged from his hole a pure heterosexual. Tim Russert is not a metrosexual, George Stephanopoulos is, Bill Clinton is an omnisexual, Ann Coulter is a psychosexual and Strom Thurmond was just a pig.

As for myself, I am still perplexed. I am a fervid fan of the late Cary Grant, who was the best-dressed actor ever to appear on the screen. (Just watch how his trouser pleats don't open when he crouches on a rooftop in "To Catch a Thief.") All Italians are metrosexuals and some French are, but not the British, because, among other things, they can't keep their socks up. For vacations, I prefer the Metrosexual Belt.

This confused the hell out of me. Salad days? What does that mean? Also, as I understand it, Cary Grant was not heterosexual, so does that mean he cannot be metrosexual? This article left me with many questions. But it mentioned Strom "n*****-lover" Thurmond, as my family calls him. We're a bunch of freaks.
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